Experienced Soffit and Fascia Installers in Lethbridge

Although soffits and fascia are usually the last elements homeowners think about in a roofing system, they are some of the most important in ensuring your home remains comfortable and your building envelope remains secure. Glenn’s Gutter installs maintenance-free aluminum soffits and fascia for homes and businesses in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

Replace Your Soffits – Save Your Roof 

Soffits are typically the first part of the roof that begins to show signs of rot. From the soffits, rainwater and condensation can spread rot to other parts of your roof, making replacement or repair much more costly. Rotted soffits also allow easy access to birds, hornets, and other creatures that nest in roofs. For all these reasons, it’s important to have your soffits replaced or repaired at the first sign of damage.

Since our soffits are made from aluminum, they will never rot and do not require maintenance.

To determine if your home requires a soffit or fascia replacement, request a quote today!


Experienced Exterior Home Renovations

For over 10 years, Glenn’s Gutters Ltd. has been providing professional and stylish home renovations to Lethbridge and the surrounding area.